With a twinge of sadness, I've decided it's finally time to bid farewell to my blogspot. Thanks to those of you that have followed me on here and left comments over the past six years. It's nice to look back at the various projects I've done, and see how my work has evolved and developed during that time.

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So long blog!
Lucy x



Excited to announce the arrival of my latest children's book 'Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures', published last week by Wide Eyed Editions. 

The book is an illustrated collection of some of history's most fascinating dinosaurs - from the terrifying T-Rex, to colonies of cheeky Caiuajaras. Each scene focuses on a different dinosaur species, and is full of fun facts to learn and interesting things to spot. There are also continent maps throughout the book, packed with loads more things for readers to discover about the prehistoric world! Some photos of the book and inside spreads can be seen below...

 This was another great project to work on with the team at Wide Eyed. 'Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures' is out now in bookshops around the UK, and available to buy online here.

Front Cover
On display at Waterstones Piccadilly
Dinosaur Endpapers

World Map
Warning off enemies with Stegosaurus
Catching lunch with Pterodaustro
Fishing with Baryonyx
Nesting with the Caiuajaras
Migrating with the Girrafatitan
Bringing up baby with the Plesiosaurus
Intimidating rivals with the Gigantoraptor
Armouring up with the Antarctopelta