Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a relaxing festive break.
Thanks to all for reading this year, look forward to catching up with you again in Jan! xx



A little piece of design I did for the 'Child's Play' exhibition invite. I thought it would be nice to create an old-fashioned ticket, like something you would find at a children's fairground. The design was then laser-cut and engraved on to white card. The ticket can also be twisted and broken in half; students and parents brought the 'Admit' ticket stub with them to gain entry to the exhibition opening. 



Above are some photos of the exhibition I helped curate as part of my artist residency at Holland Park School. The title of the exhibition was 'Child's Play' - exploring childhood stories, themes and memories. My main aims for this show were for it to be fun, playful and something the students could relate to. You may have seen in previous posts some of the workshops I ran to create work towards it. Other things we worked on and included are listed below. On the opening night we also installed a maypole in the middle of the gallery which students danced around, inviting members of the audience to join in!

From the top: wall of storybook puppets / maypole / screen-printed alphabet bags / stuffed creepy crawlies / wooden toys / bugs in jars / inky illustrated characters / life-size wooden students (plus dog) / fluffy dream clouds & raindrops / wall of silhouette fairytales & stories.

I hope you enjoy looking at all the artwork. Sadly my residency ends this week, but it's been a great few months working with Holland Park's students and seeing the range of work they produced come together for the exhibition. 


300 CLUB

Here is a small project I completed at the beginning of my artist residency. I was asked to design a t-shirt logo for one of Holland Park's after-school fitness clubs. The '300 Club' focuses on circuit training, olympic weightlifting and boxing.

The logo needed to be bold, whilst also including references to the club's activities and the film '300' (hence the spartan warriors and helmets!) Above you can see some of the various logos I produced, plus the final chosen t-shirt design.



Here is another workshop I ran during my artist residency…

I thought it would be fun for students to make 3-D wooden toys - something I experiment with myself from time to time. For this project, I asked students to bring in one of their very first childhood drawings. I used these to create templates of each toy, and cut them out in mdf. Once the toys were assembled and primed, students were free to paint them!

Above you can see some of the toys that were produced, plus the drawings they were based on. This was a fun little project that I really enjoyed developing with students. I like the fact that each toy is based on a student's own childhood, and is personal to them. I think the outcomes are great, and look strikingly similar to the original drawings!