It's been a few months since I started my artist residency at Holland Park School, and I thought I'd share with you some of the workshops I've been running during this time. Each week I take a class of art students ranging from 11 - 14 years of age, and work with them on different projects. We are currently preparing for an exhibition next Thursday, where all of their work will be on display. 

In my first workshop, I wanted students to think about how to create an illustrated character and the different personalities they could give them. To begin, I made lots of templates of characters using watercolour paper. Students took either the positive or negative shape of the template, and painted inside (or on top) of them using ink and sponges. Once the ink was dry, they drew on top with fine black pen. I asked them to look at the shape's form and colour, and add little details like faces, features, fur and clothes.

Above you can see some of the templates I created, and a selection of student's final characters. I love the range of outcomes! It was fun and very interesting to see what everyone produced from my initial blank shapes…

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