Last Thursday I was invited to run an 'Atlas of Adventures' workshop, as part of the Storystock children's festival at Bush Theatre.

The aim of the workshop was for children to create their own adventure map, using the world map from 'Atlas of Adventures' as a base. First we looked through the book together, and talked about some of the different adventures & images from around the world. Then children drew their own adventure icons, using inspiration from the book, or from some of their own adventures they'd been on. Finally, we pieced together everyone's drawings and made some amazing new adventures! A selection of photos from the workshop can be seen below.

 A big thanks to Storystock and to everyone who came along, I had a great time!

Empty world map

Drawing adventures!

Piecing the map together...

Completed adventure map!

Some of my favourite adventures: sharky chasing seadog (who's being rescued by the sailor), and the internet igloo!

Some of the children's brilliant adventure icons

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