Hello all! Very happy to announce that my new children's book 'Atlas of Animal Adventures' was published last week. 

The book is an illustrated collection of nature's most unmissable events, epic migrations and extraordinary animal behaviours from around the world. Each scene focuses on a different animal, and is full of fun facts to learn and interesting things to spot. There are also 7 continent maps throughout the book, packed with loads more things for readers to discover! Some photos of the book can be seen below...

 This was another great project to work on with the team at Wide Eyed Editions. 'Atlas of Animal Adventures' is out now in bookshops around the UK, and available to buy online here.

Book cover

Hummingbird endpapers

World Map

Roosting with Fruit Bats

Tracking with the Siberian Tiger

Parading with Peacocks

Climbing trees with Black Bears

Fungus farming with Leafcutter Ants

Have lunch with a Green Anaconda

Journey South with the Humpback Whale

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